Research has shown that in America alone in the year 2009, according to an undisclosed newspaper source, there have been an estimated 37,000 deaths all arisen from the cases of drug addiction and also, from the illegal use of illicit drugs. As a response to such cases and prevention in the future, the United States government is working hard to combat the continual unrestricted flow of this illicit drugs in the country and consequently, much progress is still yet to be made pertaining this matter.

Given to this reason, one could clearly understand why America rehab centers are still yet to make a good impression, in the view of country’s government and also, among the country citizens as well. However, it could still be said that the rehab center, without doubt, has been able to make a few good impression in therapy administration and because of this, some rehab centers are highly recommended for those who wish to engage their services for addiction treatment and such, rehab centers are;


This impressive center has its history backdating to the year 1980 and it was first, opened as a non-profit organization. The Clifford Center is highly known for their adept skill in used in the process of administering treatment, to victims recovering from addiction resulting from constant chemical usage.  However, it is to be noted that they have various centers and each one specializes in treatment according to that center therapy practitioners, an example is the center located in California, which has its personnel specialized in therapy of addictions resulting from chemical abuse and the one in Los Angeles has personnel who specialize in treatment of alcohol and other drug related addictions also, they specialize as well in administering lectures to families and children enlightening them on how harmful the addiction of drug could be to their well-being.

This glorified clinic was founded in the year 1979 by a family, the family of Grandees. This center is among the oldest rehab centers in America and is the first of the two Channel clinics in America. How this clinic came about was that in the family of Grandee, someone became victimized by addiction problem and then the family started administering all the remedies they could research on and miraculously it worked, then ever since they sought a way to give back to the community by finding a way to help with addiction problem and then this led to the creation of Channels Clinic and since its inception it has done wondrously.

This administration is well known for their adeptness in carrying out therapies for alcohol and drug abuse, and they operate mainly in two ways, which are either you obtain treatment through their residential alcohol and drug rehab care center or you go for their inpatient rehab care and get taken care of in the clinic, but, sometimes the inpatient treatment is the recommended treatment procedure, considering the addicted state of the person. Discovered in 2001, they have so far helped an estimated 6000 people gain control over their addictions and today, they are still working towards making better results. Do you need help discovering which centers are good for you in America? Then visit your addiction specialist, to know more on, what is required to get any treatment from these organizations.